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howdy folks!

just wanted to post a quick note on a few things to update ya on the album! after taking a break last weekend to get a chance and listen back to everything we have done thus far, we are headed in this weekend to finish the remaining keyboard parts (just a few!) . After that,  we should be completely finished tracking the new album! we are VERY excited, and cant wait to begin sharing some of the songs with you all! As soon as stuff is ready,  we will let ya know!

in addition to the recording, we have decided to name the (previously untitled) album “more after we’re gone”. having tracked 12 songs total, we are currently piecing it all together and finalizing the tracklist!

for the artwork portion, our good friend rob (who also did the artwork for the ep) is coming up with some designs. he’s a super creative guy, and we are extremely lucky to have his help! (on a side note, rob just launched his new site go take a visit and enjoy some awesome stuff)

lastly, just want to take a quick second to thank our friend murphy, he has been such a great help over the past month, we cant thank him enough!

thanks to you all as well for your continued patience! there is a light at the end of the tunnel!


ps… we finally created a facebook page :)

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